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Benchmarking Rapid Response Teams

2016 30 Sep

1 in 4 patients on general wards in hospital who trigger a Rapid Response Team intervention require admission to an intensive care unit, according to the analysis of 1188 patients from 51 centres in 5 countries, published in Resuscitation.Jonathan Bannard-Smith and colleagues, on behalf of the Medical Emergency Teams: Hospital Outcomes in a Day (METHOD)... Read more

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6 Ways to Improve Medical Emergency Team Performance

2016 14 Jun

When Medical Emergency Teams (METs) or Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) are called to respond to a rapidly deteriorating patient by definition they need to perform under pressure. Effective teamwork is vital. Australian researchers describe 6 habits that can optimise teamwork in such situations, in an article published in Australian Critical Care.Erich C.Fein,... Read more

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ESICM 2014: Does Flexibility Increase Safety and Efficiency?

2014 29 Sep

Flexibility in intensive care provision was the focus of a session this morning at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine’s Congress in Barcelona, which asked if flexibility will  of ICU services.Medical emergency teams may make a difference, said Dr. Akos Csomos from Hungary, but there are difficulties in researching their effectiveness, and... Read more