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Phantom of the MRgRT

2021 25 Apr

Researchers, led by Prof. Luisa Stark,  from the Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich, Switzerland presented results from a study on “Development of a phantom for adaptive end-to-end testing in magnetic resonance guided radiotherapy (MRgRT)” at the Virtual 8th MR in RT Symposium 2021, organised by the German... Read more

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CT and MRI in the diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

2021 25 Mar

Speakers Prof. Andrea Laghi Prof. András Palkó Find Affidea On Social Media Read more

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The New "Plus" in Human-Centered Open MRI is Taking Off at ECR 2021 With "SynergyDrive"

2021 03 Mar

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (HMSE) announces the release of "APERTO Lucent Plus"*1, 0.4 Tesla permanent Open MRI and "AIRIS Vento Plus"*2, 0.3 Tesla permanent Open MRI system, both equipped with "SynergyDrive" on March 2, 2021, right at the start of ECR 2021 pop-up world tour.  Since the launch of "AIRIS" the first permanent MRI system back... Read more

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Global Trends for MRI: Fast Forward to 2024

2021 01 Mar

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) market is diversifying with momentum in the privatisation trend, according to Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Technological Advancements and Emerging Applications in the Global Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Market, Forecast to 2024. This study finds that increased public-private partnerships and near-placement... Read more

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It’s Time for Open MRI

2020 22 Oct

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful diagnostic tool in clinical medicine. However, MRI technology is evolving continuously. In a recent webinar organised by, Prof. Penny Gowland, Dr. Aaron Montgomery, Martyn Beckett and Marco Belardinelli looked into the strategies that could be used to maximise the... Read more

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ASG superconductors Webinar: MRI Portfolio Optimisation

2020 29 Sep

MRI Portfolio Optimisation  How truly Open MRI Maximises Value Speakers: Prof. Penny Gowland Professor of Physics, Faculty of Science University of Nottingham Marco Belardinelli   Business Unit Director, ASG - Paramed Martyn Beckett COO, InHealth UK Dr. Aaron B. Montgomery Innovative open MRI of Pensacola... Read more

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Radiographers on the Frontline

2020 03 Aug

During the COVID-19 pandemic, radiographers continue to provide high quality diagnostic imaging services and deliver cancer treatments, while ensuring the safety of the patients. Key Points Radiographers working in medical imaging, nuclear medicine, and radiotherapy have continued to provide essential services during the... Read more

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#ECR2020 - The Future of MRI

2020 17 Jul

In a very interesting session at #ECR2020 Digital Congress this week, four key speakers, Olivier Clément of France, Siegfried Trattnig of Austria, Silvio Aime of Italy and Vikas Gulani of the U.S. talked about some of the most promising emerging areas in MRI. MRI is an essential modality in the clinical setting. Abdominal imaging, brain imaging,... Read more

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The next generation in positional MR imaging

2020 29 Jun

Heather Mason, RT(MR) Applications Specialist The MROpen EVO system is the next generation in positional MR imaging. The MROpen EVO is the world’s only superconducting, cryogen-free MRI system, offering high quality imaging, a small carbon footprint and all of the functionality of a truly positional MRI system.   The MROpen EVO contains... Read more