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2022 18 Nov

In a cohort study of 685 adults with a positive lung cancer screening examination, adherence to recommended care improved among those with a higher suspicion of lung cancer, as well as after extending the follow-up timeline. The study was published in JAMA Network.   Recruited individuals were aged 18 years and over who underwent lung cancer...Read more

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2018 13 Sep

Due to marked differences in lung cancer demographics in Asia and the predominance of subsolid nodules and adenocarcinoma spectrum lesions, the criteria for lung cancer screening and the associated nodule classification and reporting systems require adjustments. New research shows applying modified Lung-RADS to an Asian population may substantially...Read more

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2017 14 Mar

Lung Imaging Reporting and Data System (Lung-RADS), developed by the American College of Radiology to standardise nodule management, is the most commonly used reporting system for a screening chest CT scan. However, an article in the journal CHEST says the system has its "shortcomings" and should be revised to include a separate category for findings...Read more