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21st century medicine should listen to 17th century Indian Emperors

2019 15 May

Over the last 35 years, the number of healthcare administrators in the US have grown by 3200%. However, there has only been a 150% growth in physicians during the same period. As of 2009, only 235 hospitals out of a total of 6000 hospitals in the US included physicians in top leadership roles. This is a significant decline from 35% physicians in... Read more

Cardiology Management

LMC Forum - Leadership & Management in Cardiovascular Medicine

2016 16 Jun

The Leadership & Management Forum aspires to assemble senior executives of the cardiovascular community who are occupied either in the academic field or in the National Schools of Public Health, directors of cardiovascular clinics and labs, decision makers in public and private health care sectors, as well as executives in the Insurance, Pharma and... Read more

Cardiology Management Top Management Tips, 2016: No. 5

2016 07 Jan publishes the latest on cutting edge practice in healthcare management across our Imaging, ICU, Admin, IT and Cardiology platforms contributed from top experts around the world. We’ve compiled a list of the best management tips we’ve received from our valued contributors in 2015 to inspire you for the New Year. Read on... Read more