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Executive Health Management

Where Are the Most Effective Anti-COVID-19 Strategies?

2020 27 Mar

The majority of countries have introduced at least some nation-wide measures aimed at containing the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The measures include stopping/limiting international and domestic movement, closing educational facilities, banning public gatherings or announcing quarantine, to name a few.   You may... Read more

Executive Health Management

Medical Japan 2019 Tokyo

2019 23 Oct

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IMAGING Management

#ICNC2019: Machine learning predicts sudden death in heart failure patient for the first time

2019 14 May

Artificial intelligence ( AI ) has shown promise to select heart failure patients for expensive treatments to prevent lethal arrhythmias , reports a study presented at ICNC 2019. The study is the first to use a machine learning algorithm to predict sudden death in heart failure patients . The International Conference on Nuclear Cardiology and... Read more

IMAGING Management

ECR2016: Rise In Thymic Tumour Patients In Japan Calls For More MRI

2016 06 Mar

The number of thymic tumour patients is increasing rapidly in Japan because of the abundance of computed tomography (CT) scanners in the country that makes the examination easily accessible, as a result of which the prevalence of this condition is now better recorded. Speaking on diagnostic imaging of thymic tumours at the “ESR Meets Japan”... Read more

IT Management

Drug Interaction Alerts Overload?

2015 17 Oct

Although computerised drug interaction alert systems (DIAS) appear useful for promoting medication safety, having to enter passwords to override alerts may represent an excessive burden for physicians and thereby increase "alert fatigue", according to a study published in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making . The results suggest that physicians’... Read more

IMAGING Management

Japan Approves Elekta’s Extend System

2013 21 May

Elekta’s Japanese office, Elekta K.K., has announced that Elekta’s Extend™ system for multi-session stereotactic radiosurgery has been approved by the Japanese Health Authority. Extend makes it possible to treat indications that were previously untreatable with Gamma Knife® surgery.  Professor Masahiro Hiraoka of the Department of Radiation Oncology... Read more