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‘The Death of Cancer’ - The Patient Perspective

2019 26 Aug

Summary: Cancer affects everybody's life at some point. ‘The Death of Cancer,' written by one of oncology's leading figures, Dr Vincent T. DeVita, documents his own journey for the cure. Dr Peter Kapitein gives his personal review on the book.   In 2005 I was diagnosed with lymph gland cancer and became interested in the medical industrial... Read more

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A successful and inspiring Inspire2Live Annual congress in Amsterdam

2018 21 Feb

We look back on a very successful and inspiring Annual congress in Amsterdam in February. A lot of you have participated, received a lot and given even more. That’s what life asks from us. We’ve collected the powerpoint presentations of the speakers and recorded all the talks. Together with the program and the minutes of the working sessions you find... Read more

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Inspire2Live awards Dr. Bob Pinedo, Dr. Fritz Schröder the Patient Advocate Hero of Cancer Award

2018 12 Feb

Inspire2Live has awarded Dr. Bob Pinedo and Fr. Fritz Schröder, both Emeritus Professor, with the Patient Advocate Hero of Cancer Award for their lifelong achievement in putting patients first. Theme of the Inspire2Live annual congress 2018 is “The countless small deeds of the unknown people”. Both Dr. Pinedo and Dr. Schröder have proven that they... Read more

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Inspire2live Annual Congress

2018 07 Feb

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Concentration of high complex care for oesophagus- and stomach cancers has to be realized

2017 27 Sep

It is a fact; cancer patients who are diagnosed and treated at excellent cancer care centres have better outcomes and can expect less complications, longer life and better quality of life than do patients who are not. Each year in the Netherlands there are 4000 new patients diagnosed with oesophagus and stomach cancer. One third of these patients... Read more