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2016 16 May

MEDICAL RECORDERS AND HD MEDICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGY HELPS SURGICAL PROCEDURES   It's time for an upgrade. There are many medical recorders on the market but none like this. Through an interface shown on a brilliant 3.5 inch LCD, the illustrious  DVMAXX HD  offers unparalleled connectivity and functionality.  Ampronix   is a renowned authorized...Read more

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2019 10 Apr

“Mammography does more harm than good” sums up countless headlines seen in many medical journals, books, and other published articles (print and online). A flood of damaging reports amplified perceived risk of “over-diagnosis” and over-treatment. Study after flawed study — like a house of cards — touted mammography’s alleged harms and costs.  This...Read more

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2019 21 May

Using a unique approach, scientists have created a new biomedical imaging contrast agent to help in "seeing" deeper into live tissue, opening the way for exponential advancements in optical imaging technology. The research is the result of an international collaboration between Fudan University in China and the University of Technology Sydney...Read more

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2021 25 Feb

Improving radiologist performance through Artificial Intelligence and SmartSlices Brad Keller, Ph.D, Director, Clinical Research Breast Health, Hologic, Inc. Ashwini Kshirsagar, Ph.D, Chief Scientist, Clinical Solutions, Research and Development, Hologic, Inc. Andrew Smith, Ph.D., Vice President, Image Research Breast Health, Hologic. Inc....Read more