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Cocoon bed aims to lower ICU delirium

2019 30 May

The intensive care unit environment can be extremely stressful, even if they provide some of the best care in the world. It is believed that a patient in the ICU has their sleep interrupted approximately every three minutes either through noise, lights, or medical intervention. Up to 80% of patients in the ICU suffer from some form of delirium, and... Read more

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LIVES2018: Are dopamine antagonists useful in preventing ICU delirium?

2018 23 Oct

There are conflicting data on the effects of antipsychotic medications on delirium in patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). A new study shows that the use of haloperidol or ziprasidone, as compared with placebo, in patients with acute respiratory failure or shock and hypoactive or hyperactive delirium in the ICU did not significantly alter... Read more

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LIVES 2017: Which delirium prediction model should we use?

2017 02 Oct

ICU delirium affects around one-third of ICU patients, leading to short- and long-term impaired outcome as well as increased costs. Better prediction of who is at risk of delirium will lead to increased efficiency, as preventive interventions will focus on those patients at high risk of delirium, suggests Anneliese Wassenaar, Radboud University... Read more

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ICU Delirium and Long-term Cognitive Impairment

2017 01 Aug

A prospective cohort study conducted in a tertiary level intensive care unit (ICU) in Queensland, Australia aims to investigate the relationship between patient delirium and long-term cognitive impairment. The findings, published in the journal Australian Critical Care, show that ICU delirium was positively associated with impaired information processing... Read more