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2023 30 Aug

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) has announced the finalists of the IHF Awards 2023 after scoring entries in all 7 Award categories. This year, more than 500 entries were submitted by hospitals and healthcare organizations from 43 countries/territories – a record number since the Awards commenced in 2015.   The projects and programmes...Read more

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2023 12 Apr

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) has launched the 2023 edition of the IHF Awards – the premier, annual awards programme for hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.   Entries are being accepted in seven IHF Awards categories: Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Hospital Award – recognizing excellence in the five dimensions of...Read more

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2023 28 Mar

Hospitals that invest in community health equity – eliminating disparities in health and the factors that contribute to the exclusion of groups – can boost the financial performance and organisational culture of hospitals.   The study, published in NEJM Catalyst, pointed out that “by emphasizing health, not just health care, leaders of these hospitals...Read more

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2023 16 Jan

The well-being of doctors may be severely affected if they experience a complication during care of a patient.A traumatic patient care event can lead to significant mental stress on the provider and this burden is known as the second victim syndrome.   When a patient experiences an intraoperative adverse event (iAE), and if this iAE was left unexamined...Read more

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2023 05 Sep

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2022 28 Sep

On Nov 25, join key stakeholders in the Hospital at Home space – from hospitals, care providers to policymakers and solutions providers -  to discuss developments and what the future holds   With limited hospital capacity and growing demand for care, Hospital at Home (HaH) programmes have gained traction over the world as an alternative care...Read more

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2019 20 Nov

The company announces a new brand position and corporate identity consistent with providing hospitals with connectivity between transport and pharmacy automation solutions leading to better patient outcomes.   Buchs, Switzerland (19 November 2019) – Swisslog Healthcare, a leading global supplier of solutions for medication management...Read more

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2019 13 Nov

Summary: No other industry that operates as inefficiently and ineffectively as healthcare has survived disruption in the 21st century. Why does medicine remain the exception and what forces are powerful enough to improve quality and bring costs under control? The United States spent an average of $10,209 on each citizen in 2017, the last...Read more

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2019 21 Nov

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2019 22 May

A leadership model for the health care sector   In medical institutions, leaders are required to ensure, through delegation of responsibility, that working conditions are characterised by interdisciplinary thinking, team-oriented work and ongoing improvement.   Leaders in the health sector must be aware of the fact that hospitals operate...Read more

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2019 22 May

Eighteen Actionable Patient Safety Solutions are the key to zero preventable patient deaths in our hospitals.   What are the patient safety processes that every hospital administrator and healthcare professional should adopt today to avoid preventable patient harm and death in hospitals?    It’s an unfortunate fact of the medical profession...Read more

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2019 21 May

It is not uncommon that healthcare management teams are heavily pressed for time. Why should they put AI solutions for their radiology department on their priority list? In this blog post, we propose 4 reasons why board members of hospitals and private clinics should put AI in radiology on their agenda and develop a strategy for incorporating AI solutions....Read more

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2019 26 Mar

Patient experience improvement has become one of the top priorities for healthcare organizations in the next years. Like other industries, healthcare is facing new challenges generated by financial profitability, rising competition, increasing demand for high-quality care experience, and disruptive technologies such as omni-channel interactions and...Read more

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2019 26 Feb

Similar to other wealthy developed countries, Denmark is facing challenges from an ageing population with more chronic disease. The problem is aggravated by a younger population whose addiction to fast-food and practice of other unhealthy habits lead to chronic illness.   You might also like: Prepare your hospital for the future...Read more

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2018 23 May

Solving the waste issue of unused equipment in African hospitals Managed Equipment Services (MES) is an innovative way of tackling the problem of wasted medical equipment stock in sub-Saharan Africa. In healthcare, the private sector is increasingly working with governments to address the needs of health systems. This collaboration...Read more

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2017 08 Aug

Healthcare workers are at significant risk for workplace violence. Data shows that between 2011 and 2013, nearly 75 percent of workplace assaults took place in healthcare settings. This is among the risks that hospitals need to plan for. A new report shows that providers spend billions of dollars preparing for and responding to violence both inside...Read more

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2016 19 Aug

The Vietnamese Prime Minster, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, visited the project sites of Bach Mai 2 and Viet Duc 2 Hospitals in Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province, last Saturday, 5th August. These two VK designed 1,000 bed hospitals are part of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health’s programme to provide higher quality hospital facilities for the people of Hanoi and northern...Read more

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2016 26 Jul

The CMS ratings agency has released information on distribution of star ratings on hospital quality ahead of release of publishing much-anticipated overall ratings. The agency said it hoped to clarify how all kinds of hospitals can show varying quality as shown by star ratings. The CMS also said it hoped to “address any questions or concerns about...Read more

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2016 08 Jul

VK Architects & Engineers is involved in various large-scale hospital projects as designer or co-designer. The two largest projects however are situated in Vietnam : the construction sites of Bach Mai II and Viet Duc II are in full speed, with just a kilometer in between them. Both hospitals each offer 1,000 beds in 2017. The portfolio of...Read more

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2016 07 Feb

A new study reveals why healthcare organisations fall short of improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. The study is published in Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing.  The survey, led by Bernadette Melnyk, dean of the College of Nursing at The Ohio State University included 276 chief nurse executives across the U.S. The objective was...Read more

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2015 21 Dec

StatNews talks about the recent debate in healthcare over whether patients should be allowed to record their surgical procedures.  Jennifer Kritz, spokesperson for Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center communicates that the number of patients who wish to record their surgeries and the stages of care such as doctor instructions and physical...Read more

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2015 15 Dec

Findings of a new survey show that healthcare organisations do not have sufficient understanding of consumer needs nor effective strategies to meet those needs.  The survey was conducted with an unidentified number of hospital and health system executives. Ninety-six percent of the respondents said that understanding patients as consumers is very...Read more

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2015 07 Dec

In an effort to improve care, hospitals are inviting patients and family advisory councils to work on policies and projects along with the hospital staff. This would give them the opportunity to weigh in on matters that range from the design of hospital rooms to improving communication with nurses. They can even accompany doctors on their rounds. ...Read more

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2015 03 Dec

A new study published in BMJ Open concludes that the employment of nurses trained abroad as a substitute for nurses educated at home presents risks to quality of care.  Western countries like the U.S. and England rely on nurses trained abroad in times of shortages. This study was conducted with 12000 patients in a sample of 31 National Health Service...Read more

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2015 23 Nov

The Innovation Institute, a for-profit innovation centre is based in La Palma, California and is engaged in fostering the development of new ideas and innovations. Its business model is unique as it centres around a for-profit, limited liability that is owned by nonprofit health systems.  Its business model has the capacity to include seven healthy...Read more

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2015 12 Oct

Large surveys of the general public indicate that people have sensitivity to scents that are worn by others. Artificial scents may be designed to make us more attractive but in reality they can result in unintended harm to people who are vulnerable. That is why artificial scents are deemed to be inappropriate in certain environments, especially...Read more

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2015 09 Sep

According to an analysis published in The BMJ, patients who are admitted to hospital at the weekend are likely to be sicker and also have a higher risk of death as compared to patients admitted during the week.  The analysis, carried out in collaboration by University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trusts and University College London, examined...Read more

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2015 13 Aug

A Johns Hopkins study finds that simple, low-tech practices can make a big difference in improving patient ratings for hospitals. The findings have been published in the journal Medical Care. Some of the key findings of the study include: * Hospitals can improve patient experience by ensuring they do simple things like ongoing rounds by nurses and...Read more