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Agfa HealthCare: From Small Acorns Big Trees Grow

2014 31 Jan

Susan Boulanger, Director of Imaging Services at Signature Healthcare Brockton, Massachusetts, explains how replacements to its 25+ year old technology have been heavily influenced by its trial of Agfa HealthCare’s DX-D 100 mobile solution. As the oldest and largest in-patient hospital within its area, Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital... Read more

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Arab Health 2014: Blackford Analysis Introduces Image Comparison Acceleration Portfolio

2014 28 Jan

Blackford enhances any image viewer to accelerate the comparison of medical images Blackford Analysis, a provider of software products that accelerate comparison of medical images, has announced it will be introducing its products to the Middle Eastern market at the Arab Health Congress 2014 in Dubai. Designed to be integrated directly into... Read more

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WHO Child Shock Guidelines 'Dangerous'

2014 15 Jan

UK researchers warned that thousands of children could be dying since the World Health Organization has not updated guidelines for treating children going into shock. Critics claimed the advice to give large quantities of fluid was deadly, and found it "disappointing and puzzling” that the last update published in 2013 did not recommend a... Read more

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Kimal to Celebrate Golden Anniversary

2014 14 Jan

Kimal are an innovative and trusted developer, manufacturer and supplier of customised procedure packs and vascular access devices for use across a range of clinical departments. 2014 will see the company’s Golden Anniversary, and Kimal will be celebrating this year as they reach 50 years of delivering healthcare innovation. To acknowledge... Read more

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New Health IT Apprenticeship Launched at Liverpool College

2013 18 Dec

Working in partnership with Health Academy North West The City of Liverpool College is launching the first Health Informatics Cadet Apprenticeship. An emerging field in the UK, Health Informatics involves managing electronic health data to ensure patients get the most appropriate care and the apprenticeship scheme will give young people a stepping... Read more

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Almost One Third of All Nursing Care Activities Omitted in European Hospitals

2013 12 Nov

A recent study conducted by the Institute of Nursing Sciences at the University of Basel and published in the journal "BMJ Quality & Safety", surveyed the conditions in which registered nurses practice their profession. The lack of time for nursing care activities in hospitals across Europe has a severely negative impact, though variability... Read more

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Accenture Survey Reveals English Patients’ Interest in Digital Medical Records

2013 08 Nov

A recent Accenture survey of over 9,000 consumers in nine countries shows that only 16% of consumers residing in England say they have full access to their electronic medical records. By stating they would be willing to switch doctors in order to gain access to their electronic medical records (EMR), 42% of English support the growing trend toward... Read more

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Frost & Sullivan: The 50 Most Innovative Technologies in 2013

2013 09 May

Up to 85% of technologies developed globally never make it to the commercial world. Business and investors need to closely assess the potential of a given technology platform to understand the true market prospects it holds and to evaluate the risk-reward elements.  50 of the most innovative technologies in the world identified by Frost & Sullivan... Read more

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Frost & Sullivan Presents New Mega Trends for Britain in Healthcare and Beyond

2013 11 Apr

In future 81 percent of people in the UK will be living in urban areas, there will be 200 million connected devices and one in four British citizens will be shopping online the highest number in the world, per capita. The over 65s will represent one fifth of the population, becoming one of the largest consumer groups with increasing healthcare needs.... Read more