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Health Data Forum 2022

2022 17 Nov

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2022 01 Jun

The concept of digital healthcare puts patients, their personal needs and demands for convenience and speed at the centre, which is why investing in custom software solutions is such a popular business strategy today. But digitisation in healthcare is so much more than just a passing trend. Instead, it is a vital ingredient of the success of each healthcare... Read more

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Emids Launches Extensive Rebranding Initiative

2022 17 Feb

Company’s revitalized identity and core values capture its vision of human-centered healthcare innovation Emids, the proven leader in digital engineering and transformation innovations to the healthcare and life sciences industry,has launched a comprehensive rebranding initiative designed to align the company’s growth, domain expertise and industry... Read more

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Global Pharma & Biotech Summit 2022

2022 07 Nov

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Mergers: Commission Approves Acquisition of Nuance by Microsoft

2021 22 Dec

The European Commission has approved unconditionally, under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of Nuance Communications, Inc. (‘ Nuance ') by Microsoft Corporation (‘ Microsoft '). The Commission concluded that the transaction would raise no competition concerns in the European Economic Area (‘EEA'). Nuance is a transcription software... Read more

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2021 29 Oct

Towards a metahealth industry?  The announcement by Mark Zuckerberg on October 28, 2021 that Facebook would become an entity called “meta” has triggered an immediate interest about the possibilities of the inclusion of healthcare in such ecosystem.   At this stage, most people in the tech world are aware of the notion of metaverse:... Read more

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2021 14 Jun

In this space I will explore monthly topics, from concepts to technologies, related to the necessary steps to build Digital Healthcare Systems. For this month, I have invited Mr Giorgio Cangioli to co-author a brief article on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), as hospitals and their interconnections are a critical asset and next... Read more

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New Navigation System to Guide Robots in Emergency Rooms

2021 14 May

Emergency departments (ED) can be crowded, busy, face-paced spaces manned by healthcare workers (HWC) who are overworked and often under stress. Robots have been used in some clinical settings to help lessen the burden of HCWs, by engaging in non-value added tasks, such as material delivery and patient triage, as well as and providing support to patients... Read more