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2017 09 May

Together delegates will explore, discuss and debate topics related to creating value in health systems, and the conference will provide a unique environment to exchange ideas, knowledge and best practices. It is also a great opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.   Interested? Here are more compelling reasons to come...Read more

Executive Health Management


2017 15 Aug

With the shift towards value-based care, a new report shows that pay raises are targeting executives who can lead hospitals and health systems successfully through the industry's transformation to favour value over volume. C-suite executives' compensation continues to rise and are expected to maintain that pace as organisations search for a...Read more

IT Management


2017 05 Sep

Most health systems, analysts say, can meet most of their analytics and reporting needs even without big data. They believe however that new use cases supporting genomics and Internet of Things (e.g., smart phones, wearable medical devices, sensors, etc.) will require big data-style solutions. Use of big data requires a high level of technical expertise....Read more

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2017 24 Nov

Rapid changes in the general populace and in the states of health and well-being, largely driven by technological advancements such as the Internet of Things, are prompting providers to adopt innovative ways to improve outcomes and deliver value. For instance, a new report predicts that by the end of 2020, 25 percent of data used in medical care...Read more

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2018 10 Nov

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IMAGING Management


2019 23 Jan

One of the major problems which is commonly attributed to affect patient outcomes is the failure to follow-up diagnostic imaging in time. It is critical to follow-up diagnostic imaging findings in order to have access to and receive high quality and vital care. Patient location at the time of undergoing imaging is directly related with how likely a...Read more

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2019 22 May

How and where can precision medicine and public health join forces to improve patient care and outcomes and, ultimately, lead to more efficient healthcare. spoke to four precision medicine experts for their views. You might also like: Precision Medicine: the future of health   Tienush Rassaf  Department Head...Read more

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2019 26 Aug

Summary: For the clinician leaders healthcare desperately needs, training has to begin in medical school and continue throughout a career.   The connection between great leaders and successful organisations that effectively innovate to remain competitive and provide shareholder value has been well demonstrated in business. To that end, many...Read more

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2019 26 Aug

Did you know that IV filtration in an intensive care unit (ICU) could help to reduce risks and generate economic benefits?   Introduction   Intravenous administration of fluids and drugs is an important part of patient care for the critically ill. However, the contamination of infusion solutions by particles is a largely unknown and underestimated...Read more

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2020 23 Jun

Now More than Ever Digital Healthcare Systems are needed in all contexts. Portugal’s recent eHealth upscaling used a crisis to leverage change. An expert who led the country on this way shares this experience and outlines the bases of a new way of looking at healthcare. There is a global need for a new healthcare...Read more

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2022 19 May

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2022 13 Sep

The Population Health Stack provides a systems language to illustrate the models of care that need to be developed at each level of a Population Health System. This allows us to flip the healthcare system and better address the new health needs of the population. Key Points The traditional model of healthcare has become unsustainable....Read more

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2022 13 Sep

Health systems could reduce inefficiencies and achieve growth by strategically deploying telehealth technologies throughout the patient pathway. Remote technology can impact how caregivers deliver care. spoke to Sourabh Pagaria, Executive Vice President & Managing Director of the Southern European business of Siemens Healthineers,...Read more

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2023 05 Jun

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2022 02 Dec

The performance and resilience of a health system heavily depends on having aligned, collaborative relationships with physicians. Honest, trusting and transparent relationships leads to improved clinical care and innovative care-delivery models.   This can only be achieved if physicians have an integral role in setting the purpose for the health...Read more

Executive Health Management


2023 27 Jan

Several common challenges faced by health managers in the South-Eastern European (SEE) region were revealed in a recent report by the European Health Management Association. The aim is to underline these challenges in order to identify ways to support health managers in the region as they move forward with their activities.   Many of the health...Read more

IT Management


2023 11 Apr

The Health Management Academy (The Academy) conducted a recent survey selecting executives to participate who have a strong familiarity with strategic decisions concerning AI solutions at their respective, leading health systems.   The survey highlighted that almost half of executives (47.5%) are certain their health system is currently using AI...Read more

Health Management


2023 22 May

Effective regulatory systems are an essential component of health system strengthening and contribute to better public health outcomes, even more so in the age of medical devices that are enabled by machine learning.   Key Points Without medical devices, many critical healthcare procedures would not be possible. WHO provides guidance...Read more

IT Management


2023 06 Oct

Mayo Clinic is partnering with Microsoft to test their new generative AI service, Microsoft 365 Copilot. Mayo Clinic and Microsoft will be among the first health systems to deploy this Copilot. The new generative AI service combines large language models with organisational data to increase productivity in the healthcare industry. Mayo Clinic's objective...Read more