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Infection Prevention Conference 2018

2018 30 Sep

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Executive Health Management

Complex Infection Data Confusing for Consumers

2015 01 Dec

According to a study published in  Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, patients often find it difficult to decipher complex numeric data on healthcare-associated infections used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). While healthcare organisations have made an effort to involve individuals and enable them to take a more active... Read more

Executive Health Management

Study Finds Gaps in Best Methods for Cleaning Hospital Rooms

2015 13 Aug

A new systematic overview published in Annals of Internal Medicine finds a lack of evidence as to which methods are most effective at reducing health-care associated infections (HAIs). The study shows gaps in best methods for cleaning hospital rooms, gaps that should be filled keeping in mind the fact that nearly 75,000 HAI-related deaths occur in the... Read more

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Nanotechnology to Fight Hospital Superbugs

2013 25 Apr

Each year, twice as many people die in Europe from hospital acquired infections than from road accidents. These infectious diseases have developed antibiotic resistance and spread despite the best efforts of staff, mainly through textiles like bed linen. But the technology developed by a European research project helps fight back against the so-called... Read more

Executive Health Management

ECDC Publishes Core Competencies for Infection Control and Hospital Hygiene

2013 09 Apr

The ECDC has published a technical report on infection control and hospital hygiene. The intent of ECDC is to propose a comprehensive list of core competencies that should be adopted by infection control and hospital hygiene professionals across Europe. The use of these core competencies would support: Standardisation of the competencies... Read more