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The future of augmented reality in healthcare

2018 25 Jan

Smart technologies shaping the future.   An overview and look to the future of how augmented reality (AR) is being widely adopted in the healthcare industry, creating business opportunities for companies with AR expertise.Augmented reality is the use of displays, cameras, and sensors to overlay digital information onto the real world. In contrast to... Read more

IT Management

Accessory Lens for Google Glass Expands Visual Field

2015 17 Feb

Medical professionals who use Google Glass for training and surgical applications may soon have an expanded visual field, thanks to an accessory lens which is awaiting US patent approval. The “Google Lens” device was developed by professors Jibo He and Barbara Chaparro at Wichita State University (WSU) in Kansas, with the help of WSU graduate student... Read more

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Google Glass Software Provides Captions for Deaf Users

2014 06 Oct

Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta (GA, USA) have developed speech-to-text software for Google Glass, allowing hard-of hearing users to converse with others. The "Captioning on Glass" (CoG) software, which provides real-time captioning, requires an Android smartphone paired with Glass to function. A deaf or hard-of-hearing person... Read more

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Google Glass Brings Privacy Issues To The Fore

2014 29 Jul

A recent article in The Atlantic looks at privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass. The device, introduced to the UK and U.S. markets in May 2014, has stirred up enthusiasm in the healthcare field for its potential applications that can enhance clinical efficiency and doctor-patient interaction. The device is packed with features that respond to voice... Read more

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App Uses Brainwaves To Direct Google Glass

2014 14 Jul

A new app called MindRDR utilises a special headband to convert brain signals into instructions for Google Glass. The possibility exists to someday enable users to use their thoughts to take pictures and upload them to social media sites. It also has potential applications in the medical field, to help quadriplegics or people who suffer from locked-in... Read more

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Valuable Views: Smart Glass Technology in Healthcare

2014 20 May

Since their invention in 1252, eyeglasses have evolved to meet the needs and desires of those who wear them. While many improvements over the centuries have centered on thinner, more effective correctional lenses and fashionable frames, the last decade has increasingly focused on the use of glasses as wearable technology. Medical applications of smart... Read more

IMAGING Management

OneDX Unveils Google Glass as Platform for Mobile Access to Health Data

2014 24 Mar

Smart Glasses Harness OneDX Capability to Provide Secure Access to Medical Imaging Studies from PACS and EMRs from any Mobile DeviceThe New Medical Product Server unveiled a new platform at the HIMSS14 Annual Conference and Exhibition: Google Glass for its OneDX® mobile imaging management solution, enabling physicians quick access to medical reports,... Read more

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Google Glass Premieres in Virtual Surgery

2013 11 Nov

A surgical team at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has conducted the first surgery using a virtual augmented reality technology called VIPAAR in conjunction with Google Glass, a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. Combining these two technologies could be a significant step toward the development of practical and useful telemedicine.VIPAAR... Read more