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Volume 20 - Issue 10, 2020

2020 30 Nov

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German Nurse in UK: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

2020 30 Nov

One of the pillars globalisation stands upon is free movement of workforce across borders. In healthcare, it is especially relevant to nursing, with its notorious global workforce deficit. At the same time, while ‘cross-border employment opportunities’ may sound good in politics, for a particular nurse to move abroad for work may be one of the... Read more

From Globalisation to a Health Supportive Global Planet

2020 30 Nov

We are still in the middle of a dramatic experience. Will the pandemic’s impact on health and health systems help us comprehend the value of health and how little health-friendly is the present globalisation? Can it, consequently, help in the creation of a multidimensional, health supportive new global planet? Key Points Globalisation... Read more