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ICU Management

Receptor blockers superior to proton pump inhibitors in preventing GI bleeding

2018 20 Jun

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and histamine type-2 receptor blockers (H2Bs) are the main stress ulcer prophylactic agents prescribed by critical care providers. According to results of a new study, H2Bs were robustly and consistently associated with significantly lower risk of clinically important gastrointestinal bleeding (CIGIB) compared to PPIs... Read more

ICU Management

Restraint Before Prescribing Acid-Suppressive Therapy

2017 02 Jun

According to an article published in Critical Care Nurse, the routine use of acid-suppressive therapy for all hospitalised patients including all critically ill patients, is inappropriate and should only be limited to patients who actually need them and meet specific criteria. Due to the fact that critically ill patients are at an increased risk... Read more

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Update on GI Imaging Organised by the BIR East of England Branch

2017 19 May

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