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Half of Transcatheter Heart Valves Degenerate Within 10 Years

2016 17 May

New reports from EuroPCR 2016 reveal that half of transcatheter heart valves undergo degeneration within 10 years. Findings from the first study to investigate the long-term durability of these valves were presented at the congress.TAVI has now become increasingly popular among younger patients as well as those with lower surgical risk. Life expectancy... Read more

Cardiology Management

EuroPCR 2016

2016 01 Feb

What makes EuroPCR uniqueNetworking Step out of your daily work environment, the world is full of physicians similar to you. It is certainly rewarding to take a step back from the day-to-day grind and to share and debate your ideas.Each year at EuroPCR partnerships are forged, research projects are born and career opportunities are created.EuroPCR is... Read more