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2022 15 Dec

Epic, holding the largest U.S. hospital market share among EHR vendors, is reportedly joining forces with Apple to develop a version of its EHR that would be easier to run on Apple devices.   Apple works with healthcare organisations and with supported EHR vendors so that patients who use the Health app on their Apple device can have easy access...Read more

IT Management

2017 26 Feb

In the U.S., health authorities are relying heavily on information technology to  help prevent the spread of Zika virus. For example, efforts are underway to develop resources that will support rapid deployment of critical information through EHRs and other clinical software in the battle against Zika. See Also : 4 in 5 U.S. Hospitals Adopt Basic...Read more

IT Management

2017 17 Jan

Cyberattacks on hospital IT systems are likely to continue, with security experts warning that 2017 could be even worse than last year for the healthcare industry. The reason: more hackers recognise the value in rich medical record data. Stolen patient health records can fetch as much as $60 per record.      See Also : ‘No More Ransom’...Read more