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ECDC Findings: Carbapenem-Resistant Infections Still Increasing Across Europe

2013 19 Nov

The European Centre has released the latest EU figures on antibiotic resistance for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), documenting an remarkable rise carbapenem-resistant infections. As a significant last-line class of antibiotics, carbapenems are used in the treatment of healthcare-associated infections.  The report highlights an above... Read more

Executive Health Management

Measles Elimination Target Only Met by Half of the EU/EEA Countries

2013 31 May

Fourteen out of the 30 reporting countries to ECDC (29 EU/EEA countries plus Croatia) have met the elimination target of less than one case of measles per million population during the last 12 months, reports the Measles and rubella monitoring report for March. Measles During the twelve months to March 2013, 8 127 cases of measles were reported... Read more

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New Toolkit Available to Support Influenza Communication Campaigns

2013 02 May

The new communication toolkit for seasonal influenza targets healthcare workers and people at higher risk of developing influenza-related complications. It is built on the most recent scientific studies to raise awareness on the following key messages: Influenza can cause serious complications resulting in hospitalisation or even death; Specific... Read more

Executive Health Management

ECDC Publishes Core Competencies for Infection Control and Hospital Hygiene

2013 09 Apr

The ECDC has published a technical report on infection control and hospital hygiene. The intent of ECDC is to propose a comprehensive list of core competencies that should be adopted by infection control and hospital hygiene professionals across Europe. The use of these core competencies would support: Standardisation of the competencies... Read more