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Doppler ultrasound in Raynaud phenomenon treatment monitoring

2017 17 Oct

A new study finds that Doppler ultrasound can be used effectively to monitor Raynaud phenomenon (RP) treatment. Blood flow volume can be measured without cold provocation to facilitate follow-up care of patients with RP, according the study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology. "In patients with RP, Doppler ultrasound with or without... Read more

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Doppler Sound Database: A Useful Aid for Clinicians

2017 21 Feb

A research grant from the Urgo Foundation will enable a University of Huddersfield expert to build up a digital library of the different foot and leg artery sounds recorded during the Doppler ultrasound procedure. The £10,000 grant to Andrew Sharpe, a podiatrist who is now a Lecturer Practitioner at the university, is for a 12-month project that will... Read more