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Colon Camera Pill Receives US FDA Approval

2014 05 Feb

Camera-in-a-pill manufacturer Given Imaging announced that it received US Food and Drug Administration clearance for a pill able to provide visualisation of the colon, making it available to a global market of 3 million procedures per year. The pill, a swallowed capsule endoscope entitled PillCam Colon, is designed for the detection of colon... Read more

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Colon Imaging of the Future: Swallow a Capsule

2013 15 Sep

Imaging the colon could be as simple as swallowing a capsule in future. Israeli company Check-Cap Ltd. has announced proof of concept of its Check-Cap imaging system. The system consists of an ingestible capsule and proprietary ultra-low-dose X-ray based technology. The Check-Cap imaging system works by swallowing a capsule, which transmits... Read more