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Holistic Decision-Making in a Digital World

2021 27 May

Smart data integration and decision support along the patient pathway In today’s digitalized healthcare environment, informed medical decision-making increasingly depends on the smart integration of data. However, there are many barriers and challenges along the patient pathway. Complex decisions may fail because data is inaccessible or too extensive... Read more

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Germany Government Approves Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test for Lay Persons

2021 26 Mar

The German Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) has given temporary special approval for self-administration of the CLINITEST Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test by lay persons. Moreover, the regular conformity assessment procedure for CE marking for self-administration by lay persons has been initiated. The test had already received a... Read more

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When COVID-19 Strikes, We Learn From The Traces It Leaves Behind

2021 11 Feb

Hot on the trail of COVID-19: Working with collaborators from around the world, a team began developing an algorithm that helps to evaluate changes in lung tissue. Read about how scientists reached a significant milestone during the pandemic. Putting the “AI” in aiding clinical decisions  One of the major challenges in radiology is dealing... Read more

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Robotic Technology in a Cath Lab

2021 07 Feb

Using robots to assist in heart interventions may seem like science fiction, but the idea may not be that far-fetched. Coronary heart disease is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases in the world. Acute myocardial infarction is a leading cause of death worldwide. Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is an established treatment strategy... Read more

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Impact of Telehealth Expansion on Hospital’s CDS System

2021 29 Jan

A new study analysed how the pandemic-driven increase in telehealth technologies affected the ambulatory CDS programme at a large medical institution. The results showed clinically significant CDS malfunctions that highlight the importance of reassessing ambulatory CDS performance after the telemedicine expansion.   You might also like:... Read more

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COVID-19 Antigen Test Achieved CE Mark For Easier Specimen Collection From The Frontal Part Of Nose

2021 12 Jan

The CLINITEST Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test, distributed by Siemens Healthineers , can now be used with swabs from the frontal (anterior) part of the nose, in addition to the nasopharyngeal swab method. The new anterior method offers 97.3% sensitivity and 100% specificity. This new sampling method can be used with existing test kits in the field,... Read more

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OncCOVID App to Estimate Impact of Delayed Cancer Treatment

2020 09 Nov

Cancer treatment delay has had significant impact on cancer-specific survival and COVID-19–specific mortality. While treatment delay is being recommended during the pandemic, this could be associated with suboptimal outcomes.  A decision analytical modelling study was conducted to evaluate how effective a web-based application called OncCOVID could... Read more

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Online Rehabilitation At Home Established In Record Time

2020 06 Nov

In March, when the whole country locked down, almost 150 patients were undergoing their rehabilitation stay at the LHL Hospital in Gardermoen, Norway. Within one day, everyone was sent home to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. “It was a bit chaotic that day,” recalls Anne Edvardsen, head of the rehabilitation department... Read more

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DETECT Study: Fitness Trackers Can Predict COVID-19

2020 02 Nov

The first six weeks data from the DETECT study show that wearable fitness devices can improve public health efforts to control COVID-19.  The  DETECT study  is a landmark initiative that was launched in March 2020. The study uses a mobile research app called MyDataHelps to collect smartwatch and activity tracker data from study participants. The... Read more

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`Molecular Tests are Pivotal in Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic`

2020 28 Oct

The central laboratory of the Niels-Stensen-Kliniken group in Osnabrück wasted no time in setting up its own test facilities for the molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2. We spoke with Michael Erren, MD, Head of the Institute for Laboratory Medicine about his strategy and the importance of diagnostic molecular testing in fighting the pandemic.... Read more