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Call to Action for the Cardiovascular Segment of COVID-19

2020 11 May

The rapid global distribution of the Coronavirus and the fear of collapsing healthcare systems have forced hospitals to concentrate on the treatment of COVID-19 patients and allocate their resources accordingly. As a consequence up to 80% of the elective cardiovascular (CV) interventions have been indefinitely postponed.1 This measure resulted in a... Read more

Study: Angioplasty Mortality Rate Highly Variable

2017 06 Apr

New research published in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions shows significant variability in mortality rates from coronary angioplasty procedures, also known as percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Some physicians have death rates that are higher or lower than the expected norm, even after adjustment for various factors, including how sick patients... Read more

New Supercomputer Simulates Blood Flow

2016 22 Mar

Researchers have successfully used a new supercomputer simulation of blood that moves around the entire human body. This simulated blood flow compares extremely well with real-world flow measurements. The findings were presented at the American Physical Society's meeting in Baltimore. The computer, called Harvey, operates on a software that uses... Read more