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Cardiology Management

How AI is changing the landscape of echocardiography

2018 11 Jul

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) over the past decades has been exponential with tremendous opportunities now offered by deep learning.  Indeed, automation and AI are changing the landscape of echocardiography by providing complimentary tools to physicians to enhance patient care, according to a review published in the journal Echocardiography. ... Read more

IMAGING Management

From PACS to AI - rediscovering radiology's soul

2018 04 Jul

In his book “Hit Refresh,” Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Inc., reveals that new challenges in the tech world make it necessary for the company to rediscover its soul – what made it unique. He posits that artificial intelligence (AI) is the tool that will help Microsoft transform to meet these challenges. Radiology is facing similar crossroads... Read more

IT Management

Can a bot take over primary care?

2018 04 Jul

Babylon boasts that its artificial intelligence bot performs better than human doctors at a medical exam. Not surprisingly, such claims have elicited doubts and protests from practitioners and medical groups.  For starters, the Royal College of General Practitioners contends that no app or algorithm will be able to do what a GP does.  "An... Read more

IT Management

AI: are you ready for backlash?

2018 27 Jun

While adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare may be on the rise, a new report indicates the lack of readiness of organisations in dealing with societal and liability issues arising from actions or decisions taken by AI systems on their behalf.  In a recent survey conducted by consulting firm Accenture, 80 percent of health executives... Read more

Cardiology Management

AI in cardiology

2018 20 Jun

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are poised to influence nearly every aspect of the human condition, and cardiology is not an exception to this trend. In this digital age, physicians are being inundated with data requiring more sophisticated interpretation while being expected to perform more efficiently. The promise of AI in cardiology... Read more

IT Management

2018 19 Jun

Machine ethics is a new field of research at the interface of computer science and philosophy that aims to develop moral machines. It's all about creating machines that can make moral decisions based on computer technology. This project is inspired by the latest developments in artificial intelligence. If artificial intelligence (AI) is to be used... Read more

IMAGING Management

2018 12 Jun

Humanizing radiology should be not a fashion but a way to rethink the profession of the radiologist instead. It represents not only a challenge but also an opportunity to redefine the role of the diagnostic radiologist as a physician primarily in the continuum of caring for patients.   From my point of view, there are great reasons to humanize... Read more

IMAGING Management

Leveraging AI algorithms to meet clinical needs in radiology

2018 06 Jun

Use of artificial intelligence (AI)-based techniques continues to expand in radiology and other areas of medicine. In fact, the American College of Radiology (ACR) is collaborating with the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assistance Intervention (MICCAI) Society to develop AI algorithms to better meet the clinical needs of radiologists.... Read more

IMAGING Management

Merging biomedical imaging and AI for better diagnostic quality

2018 29 May

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently hosted a two-day workshop that gathered experts from the medical imaging and artificial intelligence communities. The objective was to develop standards for a new system that is envisioned to serve as a “diagnostic cockpit”, providing clinicians with data needed to diagnose... Read more

Executive Health Management

Healthcare Business International 2018: The new global healthcare landscape

2018 23 May

The new global healthcare landscape   HBI 2018 focused on problems around building capacity, reaching out to new customers and deploying new solutions around digital health and artificial intelligence.   Healthcare Business International’s annual conference is the only CEO-level event focused on private healthcare services, bringing together... Read more