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ICT 2020

2020 01 Dec

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Health Management

Imaging Solutions for a New Reality

2020 03 Aug

During these challenging times, Canon Medical Systems has continued to provide high quality support to its customers and partners. Jack Hoogendoorn, European Director Marketing, provides an overview of the solutions offered by Canon during the COVID-19 crisis. We are all experiencing challenging times due to the Coronavirus, which... Read more

IT Management

Clinical AI Needs Dedicated Department

2020 26 Jul

Despite extensive theoretical research in the field of medical artificial intelligence (AI), few developed models are evaluated on patients and implemented, which creates a gap between expectations and concrete penetrations of AI. A dedicated clinical AI department may help to bring the two sides closer, an article in BMJ Health & Care Informatics... Read more

IMAGING Management

Affidea Presents AI Implementation Framework at #ECR2020

2020 17 Jul

Affidea, the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, is pleased to participate this year at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) with two presentations and six clinical digital posters for EPOS (the European Society of Radiology's online database for electronic scientific exhibits). In support... Read more

IMAGING Management

#ECR2020: Artificial Intelligence and Radiographers

2020 17 Jul

In a joint session of the EFRS and the ISRRT at #ESC2020 Digital Congress, speakers from the UK, Ireland and the U.S. talked about Artificial Intelligence and the radiographer profession.   Over the years, there has been a significant discussion on artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the role of the radiologist. Radiographers play an important... Read more

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Applying AI Algorithms to COVID-19

2020 16 Jul

The adage ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is all the more true during the COVID-19 pandemic, when scientists are racing to find new vaccines and treatments. Early diagnosis of the disease is another area that needs to be given more focus, since timely and accurate detection of patients with COVID-19 means appropriate therapy can be initiated... Read more

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Medical AI: Education and Career Choices

2020 09 Jul

Artificial intelligence (AI) is facilitating dramatic changes in healthcare – from more precise diagnoses to personalised therapies. As AI makes delivery of care become more efficient, corresponding reduction in costs follows.   Amidst this AI-driven transformation in healthcare, attention has focused on the need to have more professionals... Read more

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Digital Pharma Europe 2020

2020 29 Jun

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3D Brain Modelling by HIBALL

2020 26 Jun

A new collaboration between German and Canadian institutions has been launched with a goal to develop a high-resolution 3D map of functional neuroanatomy using artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.   You might also like: AI in medical imaging may make the biggest impact in healthcare   The new... Read more

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Global Panel for Responsible AI

2020 18 Jun

A new coalition dedicated to governance of the AI technology, Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), has been launched to ensure that the technology is used responsibly, respecting human rights and democratic values.   You might also like: Hotspot: AI and Ethics in Health Innovation   Nearly two years after France and Canada announced... Read more