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2022 10 Jan

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Executive Health Management

Affidea - First Healthcare Provider in Europe to Launch the Innovative Business Intelligence Tool

2021 04 Aug

Affidea , the leading diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care provider, and GE Healthcare announce the launch of a 3.2 version of DoseWatch in combination with a real-time business intelligence (BI) tool for data dashboarding. The BI is installed on Corporate Affidea Microsoft Azure Cloud and collects data, in a secure and compliant way,... Read more

Executive Health Management

2021 Forbes CIO Summit Series – Episode 3

2021 20 May

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Executive Health Management

Healthcare 2021: Five Major Trends

2020 27 Nov

As might be expected, the focus of research and technological developments has shifted to tackling the lingering COVID-19 crisis. This includes trialling new vaccines to help prevent the coronavirus spread, developing simple apps for early detection of infection, and building ‘smart cities’ to better respond to future outbreaks.   You might... Read more

Executive Health Management

Healthcare Innovation Showcased at EIT Health Summit

2020 23 Nov

The latest thinking and developments in health innovation will be the centre of this year’s EIT Health Summit Series, starting on 23 November.   You might also like : Zoom On Profile: Céline Carrera Held until 4 December, the Summit includes online events, discussions and presentations, as well as a range of networking opportunities.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Clinical Decision Support For Prostate Cancer Care

2020 01 Sep

Urologists at University Hospital Basel are rising to the challenge of providing evidence-based prostate cancer treatment in an age of multidisciplinary care and accelerating medical progress. Thanks to artificial intelligence and smart data integration they can successfully deal with complexity and data overload. Photos: Philip Frowein Download... Read more

Executive Health Management

EAHP 2021 - Hospital Pharmacy 5.0 - the future of patient care

2021 23 Mar

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Executive Health Management

Reimagining Healthcare: A Story of Growth, Innovation and Transformation

2020 09 Mar

With ageing populations on the rise and healthcare funding increasingly strained, the capability to enhance patient experience and improve clinical outcomes while also driving efficiencies will make the difference in the healthcare battleground. According to the latest data provided by the World Economic Forum, the global population will rise from... Read more

Executive Health Management

Hotspot: AI and Ethics in Health Innovation

2020 09 Mar

Summary: AI holds great promise, yet also raises many ethical questions. The field of health and care has much to contribute to and a huge interest in the related technology, governance and regulatory debates. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was certainly a hotspot of attention last year. It is likely to continue to attract much attention this... Read more