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Executive Health Management

Amazon to Buy One Medical

2022 22 Jul

Amazon and One Medical have announced that they have entered into a merger agreement under which Amazon will acquire One Medical.  One Medical was founded in 2007. It is a human-centred, technology-powered primary care organisation committed to making quality care more affordable and accessible for patients through a combination of in-person, digital... Read more

Executive Health Management

How Will FAMGA Shakeup Healthcare?

2020 29 Jan

Summary: The big tech players are all making inroads into healthcare, bringing their industry know-how into a sector that is traditionally slow to adapt to change. Whether their impact will ultimately result in better resource management and cost savings remains to be seen, but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. There is no doubt... Read more

Executive Health Management

Improving Patient Compliance with Future mHealth

2019 26 Aug

Summary: Combine the characteristic of our engagement with social media with existing technology and how we could improve patient compliance in the not so distant future.   Patient treatment compliance is a significant barrier and a challenge for healthcare professionals the world over. While several studies have been conducted leading to... Read more

Executive Health Management

Short read: What can healthcare learn from Amazon?

2018 12 Sep

The enterprise started out as an online seller of books, and then of small gadgets; then expanded into selling all sorts of consumer products as well as services. More recently, the company made its foray into other markets such as tech and healthcare. Just this month, the same company became part of the exclusive "$1 trillion club" after seeing... Read more