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Executive Health Management

2023 17 Nov

In preparation for the winter season, a range of tech and data solutions are being implemented to prevent avoidable hospital admissions. Artificial intelligence will play a key role in spotting patients at risk of needing to go to hospital.   So community NHS teams can reach them first and alleviate the pressures on A&E departments. An AI system...Read more

IT Management

2023 01 Aug

Researchers at Monash University are responsible for designing a new co-training algorithm for medical imaging, which can effectively replicate the process of asking for a second opinion. The results are published in a new article in Nature Machine intelligence.   PhD candidate Himashi Peiris, from the Faculty of Engineering, conducted research...Read more

IT Management

2023 28 Mar

Predicting postoperative complications provides the potential to inform shared decisions regarding the appropriateness of surgical procedures and risk reduction strategies.   It is now possible for artificial intelligence predictive analytic platforms, using automated  EHR data inputs, to mitigate harm by estimating the risk of postoperative...Read more

IT Management

2022 09 Aug

Healthtech Leader Brings Decades of Experience to Help Advance AI Diagnostics Digital Diagnostics – creator of IDx-DR, the first-ever FDA De Novo cleared, fully autonomous AI system for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, – welcomes Chris Meenan as Chief Technology Officer. Meenan joins the executive leadership team with a commitment to improving...Read more

Decision Support

2022 27 Apr

Japanese researchers testing an artificial intelligence (AI) system found that it could classify oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) with higher accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity than endoscopists.   Oesophageal cancer (OC) is the sixth most common cause of cancer-related death worldwide, with OSCC as the most common subtype, accounting...Read more

IMAGING Management

2021 25 May

Researchers have revealed a novel AI-based system for automated lung-lobe segmentation, that can achieve both COVID-19 identification and lesion categorisation from CT scans, which is key to evaluating damage to the lungs and making a prognosis.   This first-of-its-kind AI-powered pipeline, based on the deep-learning paradigm, uses a new segmentation...Read more

IMAGING Management

2021 24 May

A survey  conducted during a 2019 meeting for AI, eHealth, and IT infrastructure, aimed to assess participants’ attitudes on artificial intelligence (AI) and its future impact on radiological work. Investigators utilised the Kruskal-Wallis test to identify differences between a group of 123 radiologists, IT specialists, and industry representatives....Read more

IMAGING Management

2019 14 Aug

A recent study tested the ability of an artificial intelligence (AI) system to triage adult chest radiographs in real-time. Based on deep convolutional neural networks (CNN), the system was able to prioritise radiographs based on the urgency for follow-up treatment, with the aim of improving radiologists’ workflow.   470,388 anonymous adult chest...Read more