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2021 19 Dec

Research presented at Euroanaesthesia 2021 suggests that using 3D printing and virtual reality can improve patient care and reduce equipment wastage and anesthesiologist stress.   The research was presented by a team from the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel. During the presentation, they reported the use of 3D technology to prepare for...Read more

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2021 20 Jan

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University report findings on an advanced nanomaterial-based biosensing platform that detects, within seconds, antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2. The platform also helps quantify patient immunological response to the new vaccines with precision.  The testing platform identifies the presence of two of the virus' antibodies,...Read more

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2021 23 Mar

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2020 09 Mar rounds up exciting developments that have all the marks of healthcare game changers. What do you think? Advancements in Cardiac Imaging Conventional imaging still remains important for the assessment of cardiac structure and function. However, advanced echocardiography with strain imaging techniques, tissue characterisation...Read more

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2019 11 Dec

Early applications of 3D printing technology in medicine have been made in the field of imaging, enabling radiology departments to be of more help to care teams by providing clinicians and surgeons with printed models of anatomical structures. You might also like: The Future of Radiology Training There is a new kid on the block that is...Read more

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2019 27 Nov

Manikins or small anatomical sculptures, often made of ivory or animal bone, are said to have been used as tools for the study of medical anatomy as far back as four centuries ago. Still, not much is known about the origins of these manikins, which makes them objects of curiosity and highly-prized collector's items. You might also like: RSNA...Read more

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2019 11 Nov

3D printing applications in radiology – an early adopter of this technology – are poised to grow rapidly with availability of new, more flexible materials and pioneering machine learning techniques. The advancement in the nature of materials available can be considered as one of the biggest developments in 3D printing, according to experts...Read more

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2019 02 Oct

Over the past century, thanks in large part to advances in science, technology and medicine, the average human life expectancy has more than doubled. The pharmaceutical industry has played an important role in these advances by translating basic scientific insights into tangible solutions, and thus has delivered significant value to society in the...Read more

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2019 26 Apr

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2019 22 Feb

Radiologists, more than any other medical specialty, feel the professional and emotional ‘whiplash’ that began five or so years ago. Vanishing jobs (transforming radiologists into production units) for cost over quality for our patients, to the current shortage and need for more radiologists. AI introduced the threat that automation would take what...Read more

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2020 25 Apr


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2018 18 Sep

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2018 17 May

In preparation for a recent surgery on rhinoceros, Layla, at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, medical imaging software provider, TeraRecon, and 3D Printing manufacturer, WhiteClouds utilized their technologies to help veterinary surgeons prepare.  Layla is a 2,300lb., 7-year-old Eastern Black Rhinoceros with an impacted molar tooth and associated...Read more

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2018 02 May

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a procedure used for intermediate, high-risk, and inoperable patients with severe narrowing of the aortic valve where a prosthetic valve is implanted and the damaged valve is replaced. A common risk of TAVR is an ill-fitting valve which can lead to paravalvular leak (PVL). New research shows 3D printing...Read more

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2018 10 Apr

The use of 3D printing in medicine has accelerated in recent years, with some hospitals using the technology to plan complicated interventions. Moreover, medical 3D printing is now expanding to include personalised instruments created to make surgery more precise and timely. As 3D printing moves into hospitals, the field has started to chart its own...Read more

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2018 26 Feb

3D printing has been in use since the 1980s as additive manufacturing. However, this technology quickly gained popularity in the 2000s, when people finally began to realise its importance and what it can actually do for the betterment of the human species.   From 3D-printed shoes to vehicles, additive manufacturing has mastered almost...Read more

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2018 25 Jan

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2018 25 Jan

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2018 25 Jan

  At t he forefront of neurovascular and cardiac surgical modellin g.   How one healthcare innovation centre is making great strides with neurovascular and cardiac 3D printing  for better, more economical care. The autumn 2016 issue of showcased the ways that the Jacobs Institute (JI), a non-profit medical device...Read more

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2018 25 Jan

  Healthcare experts aroun d the globe weigh in on the future of the secto r. Globally-crowdsourced input has shown that technology will trigger huge transformation in healthcare in the next decade with early adopters reaping  long-term rewards.   Healthcare is changing rapidly in the face of technological advancements—with...Read more

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2017 21 Aug

An Opportunity for the Future 3D makerspaces could help hospitals to enter the world of 3D technology without needing a big budget and employing expensive specialists.   We have all heard about 3D printing, and the first hospitals have already begun to integrate this technology into their everyday business. Prostheses made of plastic compound...Read more

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2017 08 Aug

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2017 13 May

For the first time ever, surgeons at  Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust  have been able to transplant an adult kidney into a two-year-old child, using 3D Printing to achieve this complex surgery. (left to right) Lucy's brother Daniel, Lucy's mum Ciara, Lucy's dad Chris and Lucy. Picture credits Guy's and St Thomas'...Read more

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2017 11 May

An Innovative Combination of the Power of Additive Manufacturing and the Integrity of Mimics Innovation Suite   Researchers from  RMIT University's  Center for Additive Manufacturing in Melbourne, Australia, are proposing a new concept called just-in-time, that applies to additive manufacturing (AM) prosthesis design. This particular approach...Read more

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2017 09 May

3D Printing is becoming progressively more accessible and is gaining momentum in several fields of medicine. From preoperative planning to developing innovative tools that enhance medical procedures, the endless possibilities in creating  3D anatomical models  make the technology highly seductive in the quest to help patients.  Ever since its inception,...Read more

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2017 07 May

How can affordable cost 3D printed kidney phantoms assist nuclear medicine treatment planning and radiation dose optimisation?   Please briefly describe your research on 3D kidney phantoms. Why did you set up this study and what were the main findings?   Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that uses radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis...Read more

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2017 11 Jun

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2017 20 Apr

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