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IT Management

2024 01 Mar

  With more than 60 sessions dedicated to AI and machine learning, this new technology is definitely the centrepiece of this year’s edition of ECR. This session chaired by Daniela Baditescu (Romania) showcases the efforts and initiatives undertaken in the field, spanning from the establishment of federated infrastructures for cancer imaging to the...Read more

IT Management

2024 01 Feb

  In recent years, the field of radiology has witnessed a remarkable surge in the use of computed tomography (CT) examinations, leading to a significant strain on radiologists due to the increased demand for both interpretive and noninterpretive tasks. One crucial noninterpretive task that contributes to this strain is examination protocoling – the...Read more

IT Management

2017 06 Apr

Radiologists have been taught to fear machine learning.  It means what it says, a machine can learn.  It is an inherently frightening concept.  It is almost a shame to put such a label on the process, because it is not really new.  Remember Fuzzy Logic?  Neural Networks?  We were all impressed that a computer could recognize the letter “A”, but that...Read more