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HETT 2020- Healthcare Excellence Through Technology

2020 29 Sep

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Improving Patient Experience in the Era Of Digitisation

2019 02 Oct

An overview of Affidea’s journey embedding digital tools across its network to orchestrate patient care and improve patient experience. It was the airline industry which proved 60 years ago that through digitisation, airports could become more efficient and safer. Airports introduced the air traffic control technology which allowed them to... Read more

How the Brain Works: Looking Inside to Target Treatments

2019 02 Oct

Summary: Groundbreaking study at the University at Buffalo uses brain stimulation to assess how large-scale patterns of brain activity could vary between cognitive systems and across people. Our research at the University at Buffalo explores brain activity and its association with cognitive systems. Each cognitive system consists of a network... Read more

Abbott – a trusted partner

2018 21 Aug

Paul Jülicher  Director International Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Abbott Diagnostics Matt Sawtell  General Manager Nordics, Abbott Diagnostics Unleashing the value of IVD testing The value of in vitro diagnostic services is like beauty – it's very much in the eye of the beholder. From a community perspective,... Read more

Obesity kills: doctors call for better training for effective care

2018 18 May

With European Obesity Day taking place on May 19, General Practitioners (GPs) across Europe are calling for increased and improved training on obesity for more effective patient care. More than 700 GPs from seven European countries took part in a survey that revealed nearly one third do not feel informed enough about the complexities of obesity... Read more