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U.S. Medical Students with Marginalised Identities Report Mistreatment, Discrimination, and Burnout

2022 09 May

According to a Yale University study, U.S. medical students that identify as having marginalised identities (female, non-white, lesbian, gay or bisexual, or any combination of these) reported higher mistreatment, discrimination, and exhaustion.   Mistreatment during medical training has been often associated with burnout. Given that students belonging... Read more

Ageism in Healthcare: Why It Has To Stop

2019 02 Oct

Summary: Ageism can be defined as stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination towards people because of their age. An authority on ageism in healthcare highlights the challenges and opportunities in the sector. How serious/prevalent is the problem of ageism within healthcare and where do you think this stems from? I don’t think that the... Read more