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ICU Management

Blood Diseases in the ICU 2023

2023 09 Jan

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ICU Management

BACCN Conference 2022

2022 17 Oct

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ICU Management

Improving Clinical Outcomes With Early Enteral Nutrition

2022 14 Oct

An overview of the benefits of early enteral nutrition, clinical evidence and recommendations, reasons for delayed enteral feeding in critically ill patients and optimal solutions. Early enteral nutrition is proven to improve clinical outcomes and reduce acute care costs. Nutrition clinicians support the belief that enteral nutrition is... Read more

ICU Management

Blood Diseases in the ICU : Advance Training 2022

2022 03 Jan

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ICU Management

Mitigating the Risk of Harm During the Transition From Controlled to Assisted Mechanical Ventilation

2021 30 Sep

Monitoring the strength of the patient´s breathing effort, titrating the sedation, and selecting the correct mode of ventilation is vital when transitioning from controlled to assisted ventilation. Assessing The Transition From Fully Controlled to Assisted Ventilation One of the key issues with mechanical ventilation is the transition... Read more