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ICU Management

The Night in the ICU

2020 11 Aug

T hey say that in the world of the intensive care unit (ICU), there is no night. It can be qualified as a lesser day, but not really as a night. The hustle and bustle may be slower, patient flow and activity may be less, conversations may be negligible, and the staff on duty may be limited, but patient care continues, alarms are in place, and the... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cardiologists and burnout

2019 07 Feb

Physician burnout is an area of serious concern in healthcare in nearly all specialties, including cardiology. Surveys conducted with practitioners from family practice to internal medicine, surgery, and emergency, show decreasing morale levels, overwork, rising caseloads, and a high level of bureaucracy. All these factors are leading to burnout... Read more

Health Management

Turning burnout into bright futures

2017 09 Nov

Why burnout needs to be addressed now and not later   Burnout in cardiologists has serious implications on the lives of patients. Healthcare experts all over the world draw their conclusions on an issue which is highly prevalent amongst cardiologists and how to maintain sustainability within healthcare.   How energised are you by your... Read more

ICU Management

Improving Healthcare: The Role of the Human Factors Specialist

2017 16 Mar

What is human factors? How would you explain to a hospital director why they should hire human factors specialists?   Human Factors (HF) is the study of how people interact physically and psychologically with their environment—this includes the products, tools, procedures and processes they interact with. HF professionals use insights... Read more

ICU Management

What Can Psychologists Do in Intensive Care?

2016 30 Nov

As awareness has grown of the great distress intensive care patients may suffer, units have begun recruiting psychologists to their teams. Intensive care unit psychologists aim to assess and reduce distress for patients, families and staff, to improve outcomes. This paper summarises research on the psychological impact of critical illness, highlights... Read more