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2024 29 Feb

  Healthcare contributes substantially to the overall greenhouse gas emissions. Among all specialities, radiology is one of the most energy-intensive despite the industry's efforts to provide lower-consumption devices. Furthermore, contrast media residuals in wastewater and medical waste in interventional radiology contribute to radiology's environmental...Read more

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2024 28 Feb

  With industry companies publicizing their efforts to decrease the energy consumption of devices and unveiling AI solutions for power management, sustainability was one of the main keywords of the ECR (European Congress of Radiology) congress in Vienna. In a session chaired by Jose Guilherme Couto (Malta) and Philipp Brantner (Switzerland), lecturers...Read more

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2024 13 Feb

  A recent examination of residency programme data spanning from 2013 to 2022 reveals a significant gender gap in applications to radiology residency programmes compared to other specialties. Over this period, the proportion of female applicants to radiology residencies was nearly 21% lower than those applying to other programmes.   Gender...Read more