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Malpractice: CT Scan Reading Errors Cause Patient Injury

2019 11 Dec

Errors in interpreting imaging studies, particularly CT scans, are the leading cause of patient injury involving diagnostic radiologists, according to a study by malpractice insurer The Doctor’s Company. You might also like: Radiologist Risks in Communicating Unexpected Findings The study analysed about 600 malpractice claims against... Read more

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Affidea Partners With Aidence In Lung Cancer Diagnosis And Screening With The Use Of AI

2019 04 Dec

Affidea and Aidence announce a strategic partnership to streamline and improve the clinical performance of lung diagnosis and screening to drive the earlier detection and treatment in the case of lung cancer.  As the leading European provider of advanced diagnostic imaging services, Affidea is starting the collaboration with Aidence, a  medical... Read more

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SIFEM 2021 - Women's Imaging Congress

2021 17 Sep


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Seven Steps to a More Efficient and Resilient IT Solution

2017 20 Feb

Efficient patient-centric care models require consolidating mountains of data. Acquisitions and regionalization further compound the challenge. How does an organization capitalize on what could easily become a liability?   Fredrik Gustavsson, Sectra CTO, sums up the answer simply, “Don’t buy technology. Buy solutions for your clinical pathways.”... Read more

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Value-Based Radiology: View from the United States

2017 16 Feb

As the United States moves to value-based healthcare, how should radiology concentrate on delivering better value, both at the individual and organisational level?   Radiology across the world is facing the same challenges.  There was a time, before digitised films, picture archive and communication systems (PACS) and computers to view the images,... Read more

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Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: Unanswered Questions

2017 16 Feb

The value and importance of multidisciplinary teams in breast cancer was demonstrated at the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) congress in Paris in October 2016, when oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and surgeons spoke at a session on neoadjuvant chemotherapy Rationale for Neoadjuvant Treatment  by Suzette Delaloge & Fabienne... Read more