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2024 08 Feb

  A study published in Radiology dwells into the efficacy of a sophisticated deep learning model in accurately predicting short-term subsequent fractures in patients who have recently experienced a hip fracture. This innovative approach utilises digitally reconstructed radiographs obtained from three-dimensional hip CT scans, demonstrating remarkable...Read more

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2023 08 Nov

The 2023 Alexander R. Margulis Award for the best original scientific article published in Radiology has been awarded to researchers of the article “Pancreatic Cancer Detection on CT Scans with Deep Learning: A Nationwide Population-based Study”.   The team created an AI tool and trained it by analysing hundreds of contrast-enhanced CT studies...Read more

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2023 30 Jan

According to a recent study published in Radiology, AI can reconstruct coarsely-sampled, fast MRI scans into high-quality images with diagnostic value that is close to those created using standard MRI. The study is part of the fast MRI initiative established by NYU Langone Health and Meta AI Research in 2018.   Reconstructing MRI imaging with AI...Read more

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2022 23 May

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can identify race from imaging data alone. The study, released as a preprint last summer, raised concerns over racial bias in radiology, was recently published in  Lancet Digital Health . The original preprint showed that deep-learning algorithm models could accurately identify a patient’s self-reported racial...Read more