Zhejiang Aicor Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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About us Zhejiang Aicor Medical Technology Co., Ltd locates in Huangyan, Zhejiang, where is the renowned Hometown of Oranges & Land of Moulds in China. Based on modern management theories, Aicor is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of disposable medical consumables in the field of clinical inspection and biochemical laboratory. With perfect organization and advanced management, Aicor has one professional work team which engaged in the mould making and production control of medical & laboratory consumables for over ten years, meanwhile, we convene a group of well trained and experienced workers at the production line. In Aicor, we have a Mould Design & Making Center with the space of 500 square meters, all of our products, from Mold Design, Mould Developing, Product Proofing to Quality Testing, all these procedures are performed by ourselves inside our company. Aicor possess high-tech production equipments, including high-precision Computer Numerical Control(CNC) machine tools, automatic robot arm, energy saving motor servo injection molding machine and so on. The combination of high-performance injection molding machine and automatic robot arm system, reduces the work intensity and improves the work efficiency, it ensures that there is Zero-Touch between the workers and the products during the process of production. At present, 90% of our products have been realized full automatic production. In addition, in Aicor we has built ETO sterilization workshop, using a full set of EU standard automatic ETO sterilization equipment, to monitor and record the sterilization process at full time. Aicor implement the quality management system of ISO13485: 2003 and ISO9000 comprehensively. In our company, we have one product quality inspection center, during the process of production, we perform the operating rules of incoming material inspection, first piece inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection. From raw materials incoming to finished products leaving factory, the operation mode of chain effect is performed strictly in our company, it ensures the control of product quality effectively. At present Aicor mainly produces the disposable medical consumables of Color Dilution Cuvettes, Sample Cups, Centrifuge Tubes, Freezing Tubes, Petri Dishes, Culture Plates, Specimen Containers, Pipette Tips and so on. Meanwhile, refer to the professional requirement from different area, Aicor offer custom-built mold and production for medical/ laboratory consumables to customers. We have already established the relationship for product development cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, our superb technology and excellent quality have been highly praised and recognized by customers. Practiced management team, complete production facilities and international production standards, provide a solid guarantee for the quality of Aicors’ products. In order to meet with more demands from the market, we will continue to develop new products on the basis of conventional products. Pursuing the tenet of "Best Quality at Reasonable Price", Aicor will keep moving and make continual innovation, try to reach perfection, dedicate the best quality and lowest price to the customers. "Not to advance is to go back". In the future, Aicor will expand the business in the global market, seek more customer for cooperation, develop new products and promote the sales in the market. We will bring the outstanding products and innovated service to the customer constantly, share the value, success and joyance with all partners.