Zenith Ultrasonics Cleaning Systems Inc

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Ultrasonic cleaners and parts washers have been manufactured by Zenith since 1935, providing manufacturers with the highest-quality cleaning systems available. Our product line includes every type of cleaning system, from small table-top systems, to fully-automated multi-stage systems that produce zero-residue cleaning results for high-technology parts washing applications, and everything in-between.Most systems sold by Zenith include our patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonics, which includes transducers and generators of more-than-one frequency to provide the power of low frequency systems, with the penetration and even cleaning action produced by high-frequency systems. The link bar shown at the top of this page will provide navigation to additional pages included in this web site, including our exclusive Technical Info link which will provide an enormous amount of technical information on how to improve the cleaning action of any ultrasonic cleaning machine.