At Xenios, a Fresenius Medical Care company, we offer treatments for patients suffering from cardiac and/or pulmonary failure. Based on a holistic understanding of human physiology, we develop intelligent technological solutions that can be vital for the survival of critically ill patients.
We offer solutions that combine both cardiac and pulmonary support on one single technological platform. It supports the gas exchange in the lungs and the cardiovascular system to keep patients alive. The physician thus gains more vital treatment time during diagnosis and therapy.
Xenios is part of Fresenius Medical Care, the world's leading provider of products and services for people with renal diseases. We are complementing Fresenius Medical Care’s product portfolio in the field of intensive care and are continuing to shape the future of extracorporeal multi-organ support.
In our daily work, we share a passion for helping people. For patients. Worldwide. Every day.
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Xenios AG Receives Approval in China for ECMO Devices

2021 13 Jul

Xenios A6, a Fresenius Medical Care company, has received approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China for the Xenios console and patient kits for ECMO therapy. In early May, Xenios AG, a Fresenius Medical Care company, received approval for two patient kits in China. It follows NMPA's approval of the Xenios console... Read more

Xenios AG Announces Changes in the Management Board

2021 31 Mar

The Management Board of Xenios AG , the Heart & Lung Business Unit of Fresenius Medical Care, has been restructured. Effective January 31, 2021, the previous Chair of the Executive Board, Dr. Andreas Terpin, has left the company. The new senior trio on the Management Board will continue Fresenius Medical Care's success in the field of extracorporeal... Read more

iLA Membrane Ventilator Enables 36-Year-Old Woman To Survive 143 Days Until Lung Transplantation

2020 31 Aug

Doctors from General University Hospital in Prague saved the life of a 36-year-old woman and mother of a two-year-old child who urgently needed a lung transplant. She survived an incredible 143 days without a full working lung — due to the support of a device called iLA Membrane Ventilator. The iLA Membrane Ventilator is an extracorporeal ventilation... Read more

ECMO becomes crucial therapy in battle against COVID-19 in Europe - Xenios consoles as lifesavers

2020 30 Apr

As the coronavirus spreads and infections with COVID-19 further increase throughout Europe, ECMO therapy turns out to be a necessary option for patients with severe courses.    Xenios AG , a subsidiary of Fresenius Medical Care, provides ECMO consoles that can be used for the treatment of patients who develop severe pneumonia and ARDS with lung... Read more

Novalung System Receives US FDA Clearance

2020 26 Feb

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has granted 510(k) approval to Fresenius Medical Care North America and Xenios, a Fresenius Medical Care company, for long-term use of its Novalung system for patients with acute lung failure or acute cardiopulmonary failure. The FDA announced this on Friday evening. With class II approval, the Novalung... Read more

Merger: Novalung Becomes Fully Integrated within Xenios

2019 02 Sep

Novalung GmbH, which specialises in solutions for respiratory failure, was absorbed into Xenios AG on 30 August 2019. Processes will be streamlined as a result and the company will become more closely aligned with the parent company Fresenius Medical Care. Novalung was established in 2003 and specialises in the treatment of respiratory failure.... Read more

Synchronised Cardiovascular Support Now Ready for the Market

2019 10 Jul

Xenios AG concludes its first clinical study on i-cor Synchronized Cardiac Assist, documenting the safety and feasibility of the synchronized cardiovascular support system. During the “SynCor” trial, a multicentre study treated 47 patients in nine different German clinics using an innovative pulsatile, cardiac-synchronous circulatory support... Read more

Relaunch of the Xenios Website – Now harmonised with that of its parent, Fresenius Medical Care

2019 08 May

The Xenios AG, pioneer in extracorporeal heart and lung support, has restructured its website. Xenios AG has been part of the Fresenius Medical Care Group since 2016 and the new design also serves to bring the company visually in line with the brand image of its parent.   With this newly structured website, the... Read more

Six Days Without a Lung – a Look into the Future of Medical Technology

2017 12 Apr

The dramatic story of Canadian Melissa Benoit, who lived for six days without a lung, shows a view of a new chapter in the history of medical technology. The novalung iLA membrane lung, which replaced the functions of the lung, is a product of XENIOS AG. As a strategic partner of XOR Labs in Toronto, both companies wanted to cooperate to revolutionize... Read more

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