XENIOS AG is a commercial-stage company and the recognized technology leader in minimally invasive medical devices that unite one console (XENIOS) with next-generation lung and heart therapies into a single platform for the brands Novalung, i-cor and Medos.



The Novalung product family is the first complete product range of state-of-the-art solutions for minimally invasive treatment of acute and chronic lung failure without mechanical ventilation and without the need for patient sedation and mobilization.



Medos has been making German medical technology history since 1987, for the benefit of cardiac surgeons, perfusionists and patients. The Medos blood pump technology allowed to create both iLA activve and i-cor synchronized cardiac assist. i-cor is the first synchronized cardiac assist device, which provides cardiac support in harmony with each heartbeat, designed to unite myocardial protection with organ perfusion.


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ICU Management

Six Days Without a Lung – a Look into the Future of Medical Technology

2017 12 Apr

The dramatic story of Canadian Melissa Benoit, who lived for six days without a lung, shows a view of a new chapter in the history of medical technology. The novalung iLA membrane lung, which replaced the functions of the lung, is a product of XENIOS AG. As a strategic partner of XOR Labs in Toronto, both companies wanted to cooperate to revolutionize... Read more

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  • The future of extracorporeal lung support, I-I-I Interview with Dr. Georg Matheis, Novalung from HealthManagement.org on Vimeo.


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Lung failure therapies

novalung is the world‘s first lung failure therapy platform, which competes favorably against one-product offerings. The novalung product family enables therapies for lung failure that are adapted to specific indications. In addition, novalung products’ smaller cannulas lower the threshold for adoption. In short, novalung products can replace or reduce invasive mechanical ventilation with therapies tailored to the needs of each patient. The novalung platform performs any level of CO2 removal and oxygenation in acute respiratory failure / AECOPD.

iLA activve Kits

Uncomplicated initiation of therapy and rapid exchange of the Membrane Ventilator kit if necessary.
There are 4 different sizes available:
· iLA activve MiniLung petite Kit
· iLA activve MiniLung Kit
· iLA activve iLA Kit
· iLA activve XLung Kit
With long-term approval for 29 days of use!
It’s all here – iLA activve Kits

· Optimized blood tubing with integrated iLA activve pump head and Luer Lock ports for pressure sensors – preconnected to the Membrane Ventilator.
· Additional accessories, including filling line, gas line, Christmas-tree connector and clamps.
· iLA Membrane Ventilator- The world’s only pumpless extrapulmonary gas exchange system

Medos has been making German medical technology history since 1987, for the benefit of cardiac surgeons, perfusionists and patients. Whether aortic valve replacement or bypass surgery, almost all cardiac surgery procedures can be performed effectively using medos products. Upon the acquisition of Medos by novalung's owners the Medos blood pump technology allowed to create both iLA activve and i-cor synchronized cardiac assist for Xenios' state-of-the-art minimally invasive therapy portfolio.

Medos is your partner experienced in cardiopulmonary solutions with over 25 years of experience: Highly skilled employees and manufacturing ‘’Made in Germany’’ in Stolberg and Radeberg ensure consistently high quality.

... Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Hilite oxygenators:
Medos offers a complete portfolio of high-performance oxygenators and reservoirs for neonates up to adults and for a wide range of indications.
  • hilite oxygenator with polypropylene fiber – microporoushollow fiber membranes
  • hilite AF with completely integrated arterial filter
  • hilite system with adapted venous hardshell reservoir

Tubing sets:
medos customized tubing sets have been individually designed, so that all customer requirements, depending on application and need can be realized. Furthermore tubing sets can be refined by rheoparin or x.eed coating.
  • Customized and standard tubing sets
  • Individually designed sets to meet customer’s needs
  • Choice of over 500 components

Hemofilter pro:
medos hemofilters pro are used for efficient and gentle hemofiltration during extracorporal circulation.
medos hemofilters pro do not need to be pre-flushed and can be used immediately. This guarantees a safe and quick hemofiltration.

Cannula are special products to the extent that they establish the direct link between the extracorporeal circuit and the patient being treated. Medos therefore offers a diverse portfolio with over 500 different cannula: For use in pediatric and adult cardiac surgery, for arterial and venous cannulation, for central and peripheral application, or for cardioplegia application during surgery. All medos cannulas are characterised by the highest degree of quality and flexibility. That is because the same principle applies to all medos cannula that applies to all medos products: Made in Germany!

Synchronized Cardiac Assist closes the gap between physiology and mechanical circulatory support

Synchronized Cardiac Assist is a new physiological method that adapts to the patient’s heart rhythm and helps support blood circulation.
o physiological circulation support method
o pulsatile, synchronous with the heart rhythm
o active diastolic augmentation