Webequ, your partner in training and rehab Webequ stands for We Believe in Quality. Quality shall therefor be a part of our business, i.e. our products, service, business processes and so on. Webequ produces and distributes products aimed at elderly and people in a rehab situation. Our products ranges from kitchenware for people with reduced arm functions, to remedies for training or rehabilitation after injuries, stroke and other conditions that either necessitates a physical recovery and/or in combination with a cognitive element, i.e to coordinate and concentrate in order to control arm movements. We have three main products to present at Medica 2015: The Webequ kitchenware, a newly developed and well designed kitchen knife with a “bricklayer grip”. By adding a strong design element, the Webequ kitchenware appeals to people who could use support in the daily work at home but who wants to signal awareness of nicety and independence. Inimove is a handheld, wooden instrument ideal for rehabilitation after injuries or stroke and other similar conditions. Inimove is world-patented for its unpredictable movements and appeals to the cognitive processes, i.e. for ADHD diagnosed. Inimove is also a great pleasure for anyone who like an aesthetically and handmade Danish design icon in the world of rehab. 6 Directions is a new product in our range. Taking sliding to new heights is what 6 D does with these high quality and nicely designed sliders meant for rehabilitation and training. The product is a part of a concept where instruction videos and an exercise manual ensures optimal potential for the user.