During the 1970s VTS first entered the medical field when we developed one of the first Headlight Cameras. Many of these early cameras are still being used today.During the 1990s VTS has a large impact on the use of video technology in the medical field. Our achievements include, but are not limited to, the first HDTV broadcast in the medical field, one of the first Surgical Light Cameras, and video conferencing via satellite.

In the early 1990s VTS developed and manufactured one of the first Surgical Light Cameras. These cameras included rotating contacts which allowed the surgical arms to rotate over 360 degrees without twisting the camera's wires. VTS also installed ALM surgical lights, along with our Surgical Light Cameras. The success of our Surgical Light Cameras caused an increase in demand for customized video systems for medical use. The systems designed by VTS gradually expanded to include equipment for video editing and recording.