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Company Profile Variopool: the real depth investment WELCOME TO VARIOPOOL Variopool is market leader in movable pool floors and bulkheads. For almost half a century now, our focus has been on quality, safety and sustainability. Our products help you get the most out of your water surface, which, in turn, attracts a wide variety of target groups. At Variopool we believe in continuous innovation and dynamic growth. After all, a satisfied client is like a gold medal to us! MOVABLE FLOOR HYDROTHERAPY POOLS The efficiency of hydrotherapy is widely recognised by medical professionals, and at Variopool too, we are familiar with this popular form of aquatherapy. The use of movable pool floors and bulkheads is a must to guarantee the best results, as they allow the various target groups to make optimal use of the therapy pool facilities, and they ensure the water temperature can be efficiently regulated. The movable floor can be equipped with movable stairs, a lift for people with disabilities or a ramp to allow rehabilitation patients to access the pool unaided. Underwater treadmills can also be installed, so that patients do not need to turn back once they reach the wall, boosting the efficiency of their workout. Do you want to know more? Contact us