USA Medical International Inc

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We are a worldwide distributor of refurbished ultrasounds and transducers, and can offer you ultrasounds, transducers, printers, matrix cameras, VCRs, and replacement parts at a fraction of the manufacturer's cost. We are specialists in reconditioned ultrasounds and transducers. We have been in business since 1990 and currently have one of the largest and most complete inventories in the world. Since we only sell and service ultrasounds, not other imaging equipment, you are assured of receiving quality equipment in excellent cosmetic condition and operating to manufacturer's standards.And remember, we do sell parts for most ultrasounds and we can repair transducers. We sell to Hospitals, Clinics, Imaging Centers, and Medical equipment dealers in the United States and around the world. We can export anywhere in the world! We can configure any ultrasound with any transducer combination for any application(s) you require. There is no risk when you buy reconditioned ultrasounds and transducers from USA Medical International because our standards have always been the highest in the industry and we would like to prove this to you. Contact us for a complete inventory list. Also, in the text message, let us know which ultrasound and transducer you want or the type of application(s) planned.