U-Medical Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile About us To realize medical instruments manufacturing and system environment available for providing the same medical service whenever at any place, which has been dreamed in last 34 years of my working in medical industry, we plan to construct the next generation medical environment available for medical care anytime and anywhere in combination with ubiquitous technology to come, by developing portable medical instruments with superior performance.In 2010, we have completed the development of portable headlight, medical loupe, portable light source, hood stroboscope light source, wired/wireless endoscopic camera and medical video recorder, and are expanding the sales to overseas market as well as domestic market. We will supply medical instruments in the world top class with reasonable prices based on our R & D team's outstanding capabilities and accumulated clinical experiences by endless efforts until now. We will do our best to provide such medical instruments so that the same medical service can be given up to remote rural villages without good medical service.