Telemedica SRL

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About us: Telemedica is a company operating in the medical field; it is characterized by a strong activity of research and development of innovative products, with great emphasis on the data transmission technologies. The initial core business has been an exhaustive offer of products in the sector of the medical gases and now it is developing business in diagnostics, hospital logistics and teleassistance. An important point is the possibility to offer personalized solutions to our customers. In the medical gases field, we have a production of innovative electronic systems for department alarms and controls for the production and distribution of the gases inside hospitals, adding to this systems functionality of remote controlling by means of web connection or SMS-GSM technology. The offer has been completed with the necessary hydraulic components thanks to a strong action of partnership established with some German firms, with the exchange of products and the supply to these of custom systems. These products are largely used in the industry of the technical gases, too. In the diagnostic field we are present with a last generation pulse oximeter and we are developing a line of portable electrocardiographs, a system to monitorize the pulmonary dysfunctions during the sleep and a multiparameter monitor. In the logistics field we have developed a system to locate vehicles, ambulances, that allows to implement a perfect system of management of the movements to optimize the resources. Such system can be also applied outside the hospital field. A further field that offers strong perspectives of development is the teleassistance one. We are developing a system that assures safety, because it is not only based on an active action of the patient, but also on a real time control of some important physiological parameters.