Tavger Ltd.

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Tavger Ltd - biomed engineering innovator Tavger Ltd is a biomedical engineering Company promoting alternative technology for medical aesthetic and wounds assitance closure. Its product AFFINITY™ – invasive fractional intra-follicular delivery system carries active liquid solutions into the dermal skin depth. Affinity creates a short-term linkage between duct pore orifices and micro-jet supplied solutions. Active ingredients can include therapeutic substances usually low concentration peeling agents (alpha or beta hydroxy acids, trichloroacetic acid and others) that target the deeper layers of the skin to benefit dermis augmentation and treat skin disorders - melasma, eczema and hyperpigmentation. Because it leaves the epidermis untouched, Affinity allows year-round treatment of all skin types and colors. Downloads: Tavger Ltd, [email protected] +972 527 322 302 www.tavger.com