Founded in 1976, SOPHYSA is a French company pioneer in the development of adjustable neurosurgical valves, the most advanced type of valves for the treatment of Hydrocephalus. Indeed, they offer the possibility to neurosurgeons to adjust the operating pressure non-invasively on patient's clinical needs.

Two adjustable valves are available from Sophysa: the Sophy® Mini valve, which was the first adjustable valve in the World launched in 1984 and the Polaris® valve, with the additional feature of being MRI-stable up to 3Tesla. In addition to a complete range of neurosurgical implants, SOPHYSA offers a continuous intracranial pressure measurement system required on patients with a trauma brain injury, Hydrocephalus, hemotoma Pressio® ICP monitoring system: a user-friendly monitor with its range of catheters for intracranial pressure and temperature measurements