Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association

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Singapore Precision Engineering & Technology Assn (SPETA) The Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association(SPETA) is a trade association representingSingapore registered companiesengaged in the manufacturing of moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures, metal stamping, metal castings, plastic and rubber moldings, precision machining, photonic and semi-conductor equipment, aerospace, automotive and medical parts as well as in providing services related to the precision engineering and technology industry. Founded in 1982 as the Singapore Tool and Die Association, it had changed its name to Singapore Precision Engineering and Tooling Association in 1988. In 2014, the association changed its name to "Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association". The acronym remains as "SPETA". Our Mission To marshal and assist with the development of resources and manpower skills essential to a sound and healthy precision engineering and technology industry to enhance its competitiveness and the economic development of Singapore. This is to be achieved through organising activities/ programmes to help members grow and broaden their market base and attain technological excellence. To present to the government the views of association members on matters affecting the total competence and competitiveness of the precision engineering and technology industry. To promote an environment for close interactions and cooperation among members as well as with other trade and government agencies and to identify opportunities for strategic business development worldwide.