Shandong Xinhua Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. With a history over 60 years of manufacturing medical instruments, Shinva Medical is now the vice-chairman unit of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI), the director-general and secretary-general unit of Special Interest Committee for Supply Room Sterilizers, and the nation named sterilizer research and development center. As an enterprise awarded “China Top Brand”, Shinva Medical is the largest sterilizer R&D base in China, its main products including: sterilizer, radiotherapy equipment, digital diagnosis equipment, surgical instrument, disposable syringe, environmental protection equipment for medical use, sterilization testing products, pharmaceutical machinery and etc. With establishment of strict quality management regulations, Shinva Medical has passed the quality management certificate such as ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and etc.

Shinva Medical is the only enterprise technology center at national class, the only enterprise with standardization good behavior at class “AAAA”, and also one of the few listed companies in the medical device industry. The career of Shinva Medical connects with life and health. Respect and solicitude on life is the most important responsibility we bear, and is the first reason we exist. That’s why for there years, we are trying to do this, to input the respect and solicitude into every production chain while manufacturing, to convey the understanding and concern to every people while marketing. Special accumulation for 60 years has made Shinva Medical become the international advanced supplier and facilitator of medical instrument.