Washing tunnel Line-01 Shinva Medical Instrument

Washing tunnel Line-01 Shinva Medical Instrument

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Vials Washing, Drying, Filling and Sealing line is mainly used for cleaning, drying and sterilizing, filling and stoppering and capping of freeze-dried powder, injection products filling in vials. KQCL100 Vertical Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine Equipment consists of: Washing machine is consisted of bottle feed device, divided bottle conveyor device, ultrasonic cleaning device, bottle lifting device, bottle clip unit, washing pipelines, dial bottle tray, recycled water systems, needle lifting device and control system, etc. . MRSJ4250/620 Tunnel Type Sterilization Oven Equipment consists of: Sterilizing oven mainly consisted of bottle conveying device, laminar flow device, heating device and control system; divided into the preheating section, high temperature section and cooling section three parts. KGS12/32 Filling and Stoppering Machine Filling and stoppering machine is consisted of bottle loading turntable, bottle conveyor device, track lifting device, filling pump system, stopper device, the plug device, RABS protection systems and other components.
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